What we are offering soon at Ostara:

Natural, authentic and organic is our mantra. We are geared toward a sensibility that encourages this through holistic services and products.

Sourced responsibly and with a social consciousness, our products are our pride and joy. From vegan, curated, handmade soaps to dreamcatchers to gourmet teas & reading resources, we have it all covered.

We believe that life is made into a beautiful canvas by using vibrant colours and different brushstrokes. Naturally then at Ostara we are co-creating a community of wellness through different mediums and a wide range of activities and services.

At Ostara, soon you can avail fitness activities like Yoga, Zumba, Self-defence, different dance forms; mental & cultural stimulation through O Muse book club & storytelling sessions; spiritual coaching, alternate healing modalities and more…All these under one roof and one membership fee!  Learn More…

O Café & Organics

Chic and vibing positivity, in surroundings sure to lift spirits, we offer here for our privileged client friends house blend tea, coffee, delectable cookies, muffins and gourmet savouries. All 100% organic/natural of course!

Taking care of our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is a responsibility entrusted to all of us. At Ostara Space, our awesome multifunctional studio we offer a platform for like-minded enthusiasts, groups and organisations to participate in creative, joyful, life affirming activities, events and workshops. Ostara Space is also available for professionals, trainers, social and creative entrepreneurs.Learn more . . .